Create a Multiwatch


How to create a Multiwatch

  1. Enter your desired username or videoID.
  2. Select the platform on which the stream can be found.
  3. Click "Start Multiwatch".
  4. A new page will load, which shows your streams.

How to find the stream name

Twitch and Trovo

The username is usually displayed in the URL in your address bar. For example, if the URL is, the username is shroud.

Get Twitch Username


You can find the video URL or channel name to add to Multiwatch. The video URL is structured like this: The video ID for this stream is mTH8yPp1Fr4.

Get Youtube Video ID

How to share the Multiwatch

To share your Multiwatch with friends, copy the link in the address bar and send it to them. When they open the link, they will see the same stream structure as you.