Create a Multiwatch

Welcome to the Multiwatch!
You can easily watch multiple streams from different platforms on one page. Just fill out the form below with your channel and chose the appropriate platform. You dont want to watch alone? Then send your friends easily the link generated and shown in the adressbar!




How to create a Multiwatch

  1. Enter your desired channel names in the "channelname"-Box.
  2. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the channel name is spelled correctly! If a streamer is called XYZ-1, the - (minus / dash) sign must be added! Without the minus sign, the channel will not be found. You also have to respect upper and lower case.

  3. Select the platform on which the streamer can be found.
  4. Press "Start Multiwatch"!
  5. A new page will be loaded, which shows your streams.

How to find the stream name

Twitch and Trovo

The username is usually displayed in the URL, which is in your address bar. Get Twitch Username In this example the stream we are watching is Shroud and the username is the same (shroud).


We offer two options for YouTube. You can enter the channel via video URL or by channel name. A video URL is structured like this: The Video-URL for this Stream is mTH8yPp1Fr4, that you need to insert here on the page. Get Youtube Video ID If you want to enter the channel name, enter the exact channel name in the field (e.g. Hoerli). But make sure that the channel name really exists and that this is not a display name.
If the channel operator has not set a clear name for the channel name, you can add it by channel ID. You can find out a channel ID using the channel URL. This is structured as follows: In this case UCZHAeCpvf4Cw7D1Oh3MAlbw is the Channel-ID.


For Dailymotion we currently only offer the option of a video URL. The insertion is exactly the same as with Youtube.

How to share the Multiwatch

Now if you want to share your Multiwatch with your friends, just copy the link in the address bar and send it to your friends! They just have to open the link and see the same stream structure as you do.